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Solar Panel Installation in Burley

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Solar Panel Installation in BurleyGietzen Solar is a family-owned solar panel installation company serving the area in and around Burley, ID. We have an Energy Storage for Solar Professionals Certificate from Outback Power. We are also a Certified Battery Installer from LG Chem. There are around 203 sunny days a year in Burley, giving your panels decent solar energy to work with. This renewable energy source is a great option for lower utility costs.

Qualities that set us apart:
  • Affordable prices
  • Free solar assessments
  • Over 40 years in the electrical industry
  • Acceptance of both large and small jobs

Benefit From Solar Panels

Solar power can significantly reduce energy bills even in cities where only average sunlight is available. After they have solar panels installed, some households are able to achieve net-zero energy consumption. Don’t think that your solar panels aren’t working on cloudy days in Burley. Solar panels absorb indirect sunlight when clouds are covering the sun; you only lose about 10-20% of the panels’ usual capacity when it’s overcast. This is one of the reasons solar power is a popular renewable energy source in many regions.

Benefits of solar panels include:

Solar Installation Company in Idaho

  • Lower utility bills
  • Potential increase in your home’s value
  • Decrease in dependence on fossil fuels
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

Traditional energy sources release greenhouse gas emissions into the environment. These gases are harmful to our health, and they play a role in climate change. Greenhouse gas emissions not only pollute the air but also the water. Having solar panels installed will help communities like Burley transition into using renewable energy sources that are good for the environment. Another problem with traditional energy consumption is that fossil fuels are a limited resource. Renewable energy from the sun is virtually infinite.

Gietzen Solar offers installation of any type of solar system in the Burley area. Whether you need a roof, ground, grid-tied or battery backup system, we have the necessary skills to correctly install it.

Choose Us for Solar Panels

Gietzen Solar offers free solar assessments in the Burley area. You will learn about your home’s solar potential during our evaluation. We find it important to complete projects on time and within budget. We’re also able to take on multiple solar installation projects at the same time. Most of our customers don’t have to wait long to get their solar panels installed. Call us today to discuss the possibilities of solar power at your home in Burley.