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At Gietzen Solar, we are passionately committed to providing clean, affordable and locally based renewable energy solutions to our farmers, business owners, and community members while reducing the environmental impact on our planet.

Why Choose Us?

We Have the People.

Gietzen Solar has certified solar installers and electricians on hand to execute solar projects efficiently and effectively. It is with pleasure that we credit our success and longevity to customer satisfaction in our services as well as our dedicated employees.

We Have the Facilities.

We have the facilities, workforce, equipment, and ability to accommodate multiple jobs, be it small or large. We look forward to helping you realize all the benefits of renewable energy.

We Have the Motivation.

We believe in helping people and the planet. Our mission is to provide agricultural, commercial and residential customers with renewable energy solutions to help counter their energy consumption while at the same time reducing the overall environmental impact locally and all across the northwestern United States.

Solar Panels in Twin Falls County & Surrounding Areas

Solar Power Provider Serving Twin Falls, Jerome, Gooding, and Blaine Counties

Solar Installation Company in Idaho

Gietzen Solar is a subsidiary of Gietzen Electric, founded in Buhl, ID in 1973. Our solar services operate together with our electric department to bring you affordable, sustainable and environmentally conscious options to power your home or business. As a hard-working, family-owned business, we've proven ourselves and earned trust from the solar companies we partner with.

Here are the certifications and recommendations we have earned:
  • Energy Storage for Solar Professionals Certificate from Outback Power
  • Certified Battery Installer from LG Chem

Trust Our Professional Solar Panel Installation Process

Installing solar panels is not a DIY project. You need certified technicians to install solar panels properly. Once professionally installed, repair and maintenance are minimal.

One of our goals is to maximize your savings with a solar panel installation. Panel placement, orientation, and the number of panels needed are all important considerations when planning your solar installation. Our professional team is highly skilled in designing the right solution for your home and your needs.

The process begins with a free solar assessment. When we visit your home or business, we’ll lay out a plan custom tailored to fit your needs and budget. We will explain the specific tax benefits available to you as well as the different payment options available too. We’re ready to walk you through every step!

Why You Should Partner With Us

#1 choice for solar in Idaho

Solar energy is gaining popularity as technology progresses to benefit more customers. We know you have multiple options when it comes to choosing a solar company. At Gietzen Solar, we strive to offer the best customer service, highest-quality products, and easiest process.

Here are just a few reasons to make us your number one pick:
  • Over 40 years of experience in the electric industry
  • Dedicated to finding solutions for your specific needs
  • No-obligation solar analysis

Solar Panel Repair and Maintenance

Once you have your solar panels installed, they require minimal maintenance. However, sometimes a storm can throw a branch through a panel or hail can cause dings on the surface. If you need your panels repaired for any reason, please give us a call. We even repair panels that we did not install!

For all your solar panel needs in Twin Falls County and the surrounding areas, Gietzen Solar is the name to trust. We’re just a phone call away and ready to get started on your free solar analysis! Contact us today!